Soko Banana

A brand new puzzle game for the NES

Built on the classic idea of Sokoban, Soko Banana introduces a bunch of new game elements to add to the challenge.

You visit banana warehouses on different islands, and the main goal is to get all the banana crates in each level to the exit, using the environment to your advantage while avoiding any traps and pitfalls.

Key Features


Each banana crate can be pushed in any four directions, and will move until it hits something solid. By pushing the crates around the level, the goals is to line them up so that they can be pushed to a free exit target.

When all crates are placed on a target, the level is cleared.

There are 3 bananas to collect in each level, and collecting them all will unlock The Banana Level. Furthermore: in the banana level, a star is hidden somewhere...

Each island introduces a new mechanic, such as pits, breakable blocks and teleporters, to keep the gameplay fresh.

Get the game

Soko Banana is available in two different physical editions on ko-fi, as well as a digital edition on ko-fi and

Limited Edition

Soko Banana Limited Edition
  • Limited box, numbered out of 100
  • Yellow cartridge with dust sleeve
  • Stickers
  • Instruction booklet

Standard Edition

Soko Banana Standard Edition
  • Standard box
  • Gray cartridge with dust sleeve
  • Instruction booklet

Digital Edition

Soko Banana Digital Edition
  • Game ROM for use with an emulator
  • Digital instruction booklet
  • Digital soundtrack

Other Media